Did you know that anger is one of the six universal emotions inherent in all human beings?

How often have you regretted things you have said or done in a moment of extreme anger or emotion? I know that the best of us have at some point or other have given in to this emotion, and then have regretted it later. What we tend to overlook is that more often than not, is that the damage can have long term effects on not just you but those around you too. And yet, we can’t control it. When we are angry, there are several changes that happens in our minds and bodies, which may be characterized by one or all of the following:

  • Our blood pressure rises
  • Our Heart rate quickens
  • Our attention narrows down
  • Our aggressive behaviour is triggered and
  • We lean towards irrational behaviour

The triggers may or may not be obvious. It could be other people, social and physical distress or other environmental factors. But with the help of mindfulness techniques, we can learn to manage our emotions and change the way we respond, therefore reducing the anger that we feel and changing the way we behave. I will help you learn to manage this emotion in a way that you’ll be proud of. By being non-judgmental, being kind to yourself and embracing acceptance I will help you to identify your emotions and current experiences.
With some simple guidance you will be less likely to misinterpret situations and reactions. By learning to be less aggressive and more in control, you will be able to notice but not get swept away in a negative situation – all of which will ultimately help you manage anger.

You will also be invited to attend a monthly group to continue to practice what you have learnt and share your journey at the end of the sessions.

Morning Session: (4 weeks– 2 hours per week) – from £200
Evening Session (6 weeks – 90 mins per week) – from £300

*Prices quoted are per person as part of a group. Please contact me for 1-1 pricing