Mindfulness can be used as an effective tool to create more awareness of the sensation caused by physical pain.

When we are in pain we ignore it at first, wait for it to die down, sometimes take medication and then eventually learn to live with it if nothing works. But we rarely try to pay more attention to it and try to understand it. But chronic pain can be frustrating and often results in mood disturbance, anxiety and depression. With mindfulness we learn to stop focusing on how bad the pain is, and instead pay attention to the pain itself without any judgement.

During the time that you sign up for my pain management sessions, you will learn to move away from feelings such as “This is awful” and “nothing ever works” to “What do I need to know about this pain” and “What do I notice?”. You fine tune your brain to engage with the pain just as it is, and learn to relate to your pain differently. Simple mindfulness techniques when followed provides a more accurate perception of pain.
While focusing on pain might sound counter-productive, it actually provides a path to pain relief, and at the end of my sessions, you will realise that your awareness itself has transitioned out of the different inflamed thoughts and agitations that come with chronic pain.
I have personally found this technique very effective and so have so many of my students who have used it. So, if you are suffering from ongoing pain, give this a try. What do you have to lose?

You will also be invited to attend a monthly group to continue to practice what you have learnt and share your journey at the end of the sessions.

Morning Session: (4 weeks– 2 hours per week) – from £200
Evening Session (6 weeks – 90 mins per week) – from £300

*Prices quoted are per person as part of a group. Please contact me for 1-1 pricing