With practice, mindfulness can be the perfect antidote to healing stress that can sometimes undermine our health and quality of life, and can fill you with a sense of calm and relaxation.

We all experience some amount of stress in our daily lives. It’s inescapable and unavoidable. And it brings with itself a host of uncomfortable and distracting feelings which often end up disassociating us from the present and makes us feel lost. As well as the mind, stress can have harmful effects on you physically too, which can result in:

  • Low energy levels
  • Headaches
  • Aches and pains
  • Tense Muscles
  • Loss or lack of sleep

Beyond these physical symptoms, stress and anxiety can also affect your emotional wellbeing and mood making it difficult for you to concentrate, by making you feel overwhelmed with a sense of inadequacy, frustration, irritability and edginess. And soon you start feeling stress reaching every aspect of your personal and professional life. Through this journey that you take with me, I provide you with practical solutions for stress and anxiety where you learn about stress and its effects, and use powerful mindfulness techniques and tools to help you cope with stressors and reduce anxiety.

Both flexible and personalised to your needs, I have designed these sessions to best suit you instead of following a script of meticulously laid out steps. Every technique I guide you through will seem like a challenge, and not a chore. And as you move through the sessions, you will learn to observe your life mindfully and understand the importance of making each moment count.
At the end of each session, you will take away a powerful lesson on focusing and keeping your eyes ahead. You will be more aware and you will learn what happens to your mind when you stress, and what you can do to prevent that.

You will also be invited to attend a monthly group to continue to practice what you have learnt and share your journey at the end of the sessions.

Morning Session: (4 weeks– 2 hours per week) – from £200
Evening Session (6 weeks – 90 mins per week) – from £300 
*prices quoted are group pricing, please contact me for 1-1