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How to Practice Kindness

How to practice Kindness and make it a Daily Habit

How to Practice kindness? Do you find yourself wondering what that actually means? Because it sometimes easy to get caught up in all the ugliness and negativity that surrounds us, I thought I would show you how important it is to practice kindness and then how to make it a daily habit. Being kind can improve not only your mood and well-being but that of others too.  In other words you’ll feel better about yourself and better about what’s happening around you. When we feel better, we tend to be better and as a result so those around us benefit too.

If you are someone who struggles with tension, stress, anxiety and it seems like there’s no help around these tips will almost certainly help you have a more contented way of life.  In fact, even if you’re just a human being kind can make even more of a difference.

In this post I’ll try to explain how to practice kindness and why it’s important, and why you need to create a daily kindness habit and how to do it.  Therefore, if you’re new to practising kindness I’ll give you some suggestions to get you started. In addition I’ll include a link to download a simple blank diary.

What does it mean to Practice Kindness and Why Does it Matter?

What is kindness, although we all know what kindness means, sometimes a little reminder goes a long way.  It’s about treating yourself, people, animals, nature and the planet in the same way you would want to be treated.  In other words, it’s about being caring, helpful, generous and considerate towards yourself and other people.

It is important to practice kindness because ultimately it spreads joy.  Practising kindness also boosts mood and feel good factor not just for yourself but likewise for the person receiving your kindness.  Being compassionate and considerate helps us connect with other people and their challenges, and as a result of being kind we reach out and enhance their lives as well as our own.  Think about how you feel when you do a good deed.

How to Practice Kindness

First things First

Firstly, Ask yourself; could you be kinder?  For instance, could you use kinder words? Or, could you show more patience? Perhaps you could be more considerate of someone’s feelings? So, it turns out we can always be kinder to ourselves and to others. Like the Dalai Lama says “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible”.  So, think about areas of your life that would be improved if you were to practice kindness; maybe work, home, family or with a neighbour because there’s always somewhere that a little more kindness could go a long way.  Hence, the more you practice it, the more it becomes a natural way of life.

Acts of Kindness for you

a good example of how to practice kindness to oneself

Kindness for you – Kindness towards oneself is not selfish but a necessity because you can’t pour from an empty cup.

  • So, Stop and enjoy your morning tea or coffee, take a moment to enjoy it mindfully do this daily, make this your first mindful habit of your day
  • Likewise practice self-kindness immerse yourself in positive thoughts about yourself.  However, if you find this hard think about things that you do that please others and the qualities it takes to do them.
  • Treat yourself to some “me time.”  A frequently used expression but often not followed through.  For instance treat yourself to a long leisurely bath, a favourite film, a long walk.  Above all do something that feels like a treat.
  • Similarly make a decision to do what feels kind to you – say yes to things that bring you happiness and no to things that don’t.
  • Above all prioritise your personal wellbeing – are you eating well, sleeping well, spending enough time in your happy place?

Acts of practising Kindness towards others

We should all just practice kindness, life would be so much nicer

Kindness for others – Kindness towards others not only makes you feel better but when they feel better, they are kinder to others too – Win/Win.

  • Send/deliver/give someone a thoughtful personalised care pack during this lockdown
  • Another idea is to share you favourite books or TV shows with your social groups
  • Smile and say hello to people, while maintaining the correct social distancing rules.  Just because we can’t “be” with people doesn’t mean we can’t talk to them
  • For example – Leave a kind note on someone’s windscreen, or for the postman, milkman or delivery people
  • Even more that before – Give someone time to speak and really listen to them
  • Also you could send someone an email or text that will make them smile

The Practice of Kindness towards everyone and the planet as a whole

If only the whole world would practice kindness

Kindness towards everyone and the whole planet has become a really hot topic.  As a result of all the global lockdowns we have seen pollution improve so much, nature and wildlife are returning to many areas and many people are happier at the slower pace of life (despite what caused it). More and more people around the world are keen to learn how to practice kindness and how to make it a daily habit.

  • When you’re out on your daily exercise you could also pick up litter, recycle and keep your environment clean
  • Plant something to nurture and grow
  • Volunteer if you can or just help someone in need – maybe you could help get them some shopping while you do yours
  • Consider doing a sponsored activity to help your community or donate towards one
  • Now that we have experienced the staycation and lockdown maybe it’s a good time to think about how you can reduce your impact on the planet, maybe we all can use cars or planes less?
  • Even if you think you can’t volunteer for something specific, think about maybe something you could do for your friends or family on line – could you sing to them, play an instrument or read their children a story?  Even more people would feel good.

Tips and Reminders to help you to Practice Kindness daily and make it a habit

Practising kindness will eventually become a habit and a natural way of life but in the mean time if you feel like you could do with some help…

Why not use this Calendar to help you remember to practice kindness and make it a daily habit and also to serve as a reminder of all the extra kind things you’ve done on a daily basis. That kind of positive thinking will spread extra joy for you and for anyone seeing your calendar. Fill in your acts of daily kindness or if this doesn’t feel like you set up a reminder on your mobile until it becomes a habit.

You can use the suggestions included to help and inspire you or you can come up with your own.  With each act of kindness ask yourself Is this kind to me? Is this kind to others?  Is this kind to the planet?


So now you know just some of the benefits of practising kindness, whether random or planned and how to make it a daily habit.  In other words, being kind should come naturally, fill you with joy and because you feel joy that joy spreads.  So, first, make the decision to practice kindness. Secondly, be kind to yourself. And finally recognise the joy being kind brings. Practising kindness is just one of the skills of being Mindful.  So, if you’d like to learn more about mindfulness and meditation please take a look at my website

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