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How to use Mindfulness and the Wheel of Wellness to feel happier

In this paragraph, I’m going to share the importance of looking after ourselves. During this global pandemic it’s often easier to feel sad rather than happy. So, today I want to share my thoughts. In addition, I want to share some useful techniques that will help you feel happier and more in control.

Anyone can benefit from these tips.  Young, old, working, not working, even studying no matter who you are or what you are doing you deserve to feel happier.

in this post, I’ll explain why Mindfulness is important, how to use Mindfulness to improve your happiness and if you’re new to Mindfulness and wonder how it can help you provide some suggestions.

What is Mindfulness and Why Does it Matter?

Mindfulness is a skill, a skill that can be learned and improved upon all the time.  Mindfulness is moment to moment non-judgmental awareness according to Jon Kabat Zinn who is a biologist that developed the mindfulness-based stress-reduction program (MBSR) and founded the Stress Reduction Clinic in Massachusetts.  It’s safe to say he knows what he’s talking about.  It’s living in the present moment and accepting it for what it is.  Using breathing methods, guided visualisations and other practices Mindfulness helps you relax and manage your own stress and anxiety.

Similarly, any search engine can tell you what Mindfulness is and even give you some great content, but here I want to explain why these practical tips work and make sure that you understand how to use them properly.

How to Use the Wheel of Wellness

Firstly, decide what is going to be in your own Wheel of Wellness or Well-being.  The Wheel can be referred to by many different names but it’s important that the wheel works for you and that you personalise it with things you can do

Here is an example copied from, where you can find lots of useful information too.

Secondly, think small I know it’s usually think big. However, for this exercise I want you to think about any small changes that you can make that will above all make a big difference to your happiness. 

Thirdly, draw your wheel and stick in somewhere as a visual reminder of the fact that you are in charge of your own well-being.

And last but not least do be kind to yourself.  This Wheel is to help you feel better, not a goal or target you struggle trying to achieve.

Tips on how to use The Wheel of Wellness

If you’re finding inspiration elusive here are some ideas to get you started;

Body – Being active has a positive effect on our body and on our minds.  Exercising releases endorphins which are known to reduce pain and increase feelings of well-being.  Movement helps keep our bodies supple, activity helps our heart stay healthy.  Try and think of something that helps your body.  It might just be walk around the living room 10 times.  Remember the old saying if you don’t use it you lose it? 

Mind – Exercising the mind is a wonderful use of time.  Try reading something different; maybe reciting poetry aloud, try learning a new language or to play a musical instrument.  If these sound a bit challenging perhaps a crossword, or a wordsearch. As you know yourself better than anyone else does what would exercise your mind?

Spirit – As our spirit feels nourished when we do something kind or thoughtful so reach out to someone why not do something good today, reach out to someone or volunteer.  Good deeds really do matter!

People – While we can’t be together in person, this is more important now than ever.  Nurture your relationships with family and friends. They are precious and important. Call, text, email, whatever way feels right connect with someone so that they too might feel happier.

Place – Paying attention to your environment.  Notice different things that perhaps you have taken for granted.  See if you can find appreciation in things you hadn’t noticed before.  Stop, breathe and take some time to notice and be present.

Planet – Take care of the planet and it will take care of you.  Most importantly the changes we make will have a lasting impact.  For instance, could you recycle a bit more, turn more lights off or walk to places instead of drive? Above all, remember small changes, big difference.

What you can do next..

In conclusion there are many different resources extoling the virtues of the Wheel of Wellness and they are ALL good and helpful, as long as you use them.  Remember it’s all about  personal choice, we decide to manage how we think, act and feel.

If you feel that you would like to learn more about Mindfulness, or that you need some help making it a way of life please do get in touch. During the last few years I have helped many people start their own Mindful journey As a result I continue to support and teach many of those people on a regular basis.  Please feel free to see my testimonials on my website

Take Care of yourself

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